August 2016 HempCon "Best Candy" and "Connoisseur's Choice" winner for our Bacon Peanut Brittle!


Try crumbling Flourless Chocolate Torte on top of ice cream or yoghurt!

Likewise for our Bacon Peanut Brittle!

Or try a "Glentini" -- inspired by a friend at Berkeley Patients Group who combined both for a Bacon Chocolate Peanut Brittle Extravaganza!

Or try a "Spicy Goober": Bacon Peanut Brittle crossed with our Spicy Zapt Mix!

Or an "Oaktown Joy": Zapt's Flourless Chocolate Tortes crossed with the 7 Layer Bites!

It started with a crazy dream -- how to combine our love for cooking and belief in natural ingredients with our commitment to the medicinal power of cannabis. We think we've succeeded with these fantastic-tasting potent edibles which we like to call "Elevated Eats!"

After a year testing and re-testing a host of possibilities, we finally decided on Zapt's first four delicious edibles... with many more waiting in the bull pen!

So please welcome the first four members of the Zapt family: two "Sweet," one "Savory," and one "Sweet & Savory!" 


  All four Zapt edibles in repose...

all four of zapt's delicious edibles in repose -- bacon peanut brittle, 7 layer bites, flourless chocolate tortes, & spicy zapt mix!

One of the inspirations for our mascot: "Zapt Cat!"

Boxes @ Green Remedy 1.15.17.JPG

just another busy day for all four delicious zapt edibles!

7 layer bites...a magical combination of graham cracker crust topped with sweetened condensed milk, butterscotch morsels, oatmeal, bittersweet chocolate morsels, & unsweetened flaked coconut!

bacon peanut brittle made with delicious pepper bacon. 

"Best Candy" and "CoNnoisseur's Choice" at August 2016's hempcon!

also gluten-free!

flourless chocolate tortes made with only cocoa powder, eggs, semisweet chocolate morsels, SUGAR, & vanilla!

gluten-free and loving it, thanks!

spicy zapt mix... a savory snack treat featuring sriracha & cayenne!

Photos by Sara Kerr